Tuesday, February 16, 2010

built by wendy

i just adore the new spring 2010 collection for built by wendy. it is perfection! it makes me want to get lost in some ancient dusty library in paris (of course!) and to paint in some immense light filled studio with the smell of paints and books and dust everywhere.

kisses ... sigh ... fifi.

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life block by bertrand planes

this clock, created by bertrand planes, is a normal clock slowed down 61320 times to make each minute equal to a year. a little morbid, but it makes you think that life really is ticking on by.

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some sultry inspiration

winter blues.

this is how i've been feeling lately. i watched the snow fall all day and i am about ready for spring to come.

fifi ...

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ps. i ADORE garance dore.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy valentines day

you know who you are ;)

kisses xoxox

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

gorgeous loft

manhattan dreams are made of these; soho factories turning into gorgeous, well decorated lofts. the home of horror movie director marcus nispel is magnificent with 20 foot ceilings throughout. the bookcase is especially mouth-watering.

xoxo fifi

[shot by francesca gionavelli via loftlife]

romantic paris

even google can make paris romantic. this is the sweetest technological story i've seen in a while, maybe ever.

kisses, fifi

seven on sunday

seven things i love on sunday .... the sun is gorgeous today and i am going to photograph my new jewelry with colorful macaroons. i am not usually a color person, but today i'm bursting.

1. birdcage photo holder

2. rainbow pancakes! i could go for some right now ...

3. etsy shop, jordclarke, collages

4. this lovely juice recipe

5. pets with great taste in furniture

6. flowers for valentine's day

7. airplane cupcakes! how cute are these!

kisses, fifi

Saturday, February 6, 2010

let's get lost in the rain

there seems to be crazy snow all over the country right not. i am not a huge fan of the cold and am dying for summer! there are very few things i love more than warm rain. it reminds me of summers in texas and all sorts of yummy things.

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happy gorgeous, wonderful saturday!

this video just made my morning; it is gorgeous and happy and free. it makes me want to dance around on sand dunes ... sigh ....

kisses, fifi

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

time for a new start

i just had a lovely meal with the dearest of friends, and it's one of those moments when i feel honest (a little tipsy) and as if anything is possible.

i think it's time to wake up!
i am about a month late on new years resolutions, but i always felt like my "new year" starts at my birthday and, despite the fun of champagne and sparklers, january 1st was up there with the hallmark holidays (*cough*cough* valentine's day). this year i am starting over on february 7th which is my half birthday. instead of thinking about doing, i am going to start doing. instead of preparing and take half steps, i am going to take full steps. i am going to make the bucket list and start throwing the completed activities into the bucket.

this year i want to go to paris, get into grad school, spend more time with my friends, laugh more, make beautiful things, be a little less shy, cook scrumptious complicated dishes, and laugh more (did i mention laugh more?). i am starting this with and as fifi duvie because she does all of these things already.

right now, i am going to go back to watching country music videos (i know it's bad!) and prepare for my two new etsy shops: fifi duvie (home decor) and la petite fifi (jewelry). it's time to go all out.

kisses, fifi

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