Friday, July 30, 2010

To Do.

To do (on vacation!!!)
1. Road trip photos
2. Cloud photos
3. Yogamazing podcasts!
4. Finish planning out fall fifi du vie line (themes are finish, just need finishing touches on jewelry and print assortment)
5. Spent a little quality time with the family
6. Inspiration boards
7. Fabric shopping at Fabric Depot (the largest fabric store in the nation!) - on the continuous hunt for some beautiful ikat print

xox fifi

[via Black Eiffel]


Gorgeous grey layered bedding
United States cheeseboards
Lyndsay and Fitzhugh's beautiful home on the Selby
Scrumptuous European bedrooms (love those pillow covers!)
"You Are Beautiful: Thank You" Stamp
Hand striped walls (the next bathroom I have will be subject to this treatment ... )
Cozy wonderful (per usual) Shabby Chic

This week I love ...

white walls and white frames

paperclips with pizzazz by Scirocco

we could all use a sassy and classy dollhouse

lisa stickley bag

anthropologie hearts mirrors and i heart anthro

paper can always be beautiful by georgia russell

lamps should grow from trees, don't you think?

we all need a manifesto and this one is just great. love all. be kind. thanks aardvark.

vivre knows how to harness nature, the right way

built in bookcases make me swoon. add linen pillows. some stripes. sigh ....

Road Trips

I am off on a road trip up from Texas to the Oregon Coast. This will be my longest stint in years without a computer and I must say, I'm pretty excited. Nervous, but excited. I can't work even if I want to. I have my sketchbook and my camera. Hopefully the inspiration will find me and make work even better next week.

To better things and adventuring! (and perhaps getting in a few inspiration boards).

xo fifi

Maybe it is that simple ....

The PEN story. Let's dance in place and still. Smell the roses while we run and stop.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I am hoping that my upcoming vacation makes me feel all fresh and refreshed. All of the white rooms on my blog reader are inspiring me to have a white, cool atmosphere. Some jewelry and a print from my shops, fifi du vie and intelligent design jewelry.

xox fifi

You Love What You Love

I love this Calypso dress and all of the places it can be worn.

[via Calypso]

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Canvas, can I live in your home?

The styling and products by Canvas are exceptional. I love the casual attitude and how beautifully the line sits together. I am especially drooling over the steel bookcase; so simple, industrial and American.

[via Canvas]

yes to....

amazing groups of photographs and textures in Tina's apartment

walls preaching love by Michael Leon

incredible mirrors above incredible tubs

light up animal busts (only in ireland)


These images by Gentl & Hyers are like the quiet of the morning (before even a yawn) when the cat is stretching it's legs and the hiss of pipes is the only sound you hear.

[images via Edge]

Sunday, July 25, 2010

sunday list

It was a lovely and quiet weekend. A little kayaking upstate on a beautiful, calm little lake following by some biking at Storm King and a quick trip to Stew Leonard's. It doesn't get much better than that. Luckily the rain is forcing me to work inside today and tie up some loose ends in my etsy shop, promotions, blog, etc before I leave for a little family vacation on Friday.

Sunday List for the Week:
1. Finish the terrarium and take photos of vintage tubes for fifi du vie.
2. Pack pack pack!
3. Finish etsy shop inspiration boards for fall launches.
4. Wake up the sewing machine and make that pillow.
5. Hunt down some organic fabrics.
6. Chocolate covered raspberries (heat up the chocolate in the microwave, dip in the raspberries, put them on a plate covered in wax paper and throw in the fridge = easy as pie, delicious as can be)
7. Tortilla soup making


Rikshaw Design
adorable stuffed elephants are on sale
Ernest Hemingway as a style icon. I could not agree more.
Build a cottage on the lake with kayak access.
Dogs on furniture always cracks me up.

[image via Little Garden by James Moes]

this week I love....

The resort collection by Thread Social is exquisite. I am not usually a red fan, but the pieces are beautiful.

Norwegian designer Sara Skotte's lovely porcelain jewelry.

Modular shelving by Post Fossil. Modular + Donald Judd-esque + Plywood = Perfection.

Lampert Sofa by Jonathan Adler

Anouk Kruithof's installation of 4,000 books.

DIY: sewing pattern from Wiksten to make these lovely tops.

The fab new etsy headquarters in Brooklyn. [ps. I heart etsy]

[via delight by design, sara skotte, design milk, poppytalk, jonathan adler, design milk, wiksten, apartment therapy]

Friday, July 23, 2010

love love love

I have such a girl crush on J.Crew's fall collection. It's feel so free and fun. A nice reminder to make a little more time in the day for dress-up in the mirror ...

xo fifi

[video via the persuant aesthetic]

Monday, July 19, 2010

acrylics hearts nature

I have a minor bordering on major crush on acrylics. It's been a problem for quite some time. The contrast of clean, modern lines and the illusion of floating and air just get me every single time! The French company Bleu Nature beautifully pairs natural elements with acrylics creating a beautiful balance and harmony. Nature exists harmoniously within their pieces.

The description on the Bleu Nature website with regards to acrylics is especially lovely: "With the Acrylic Glass collection, Bleu Nature suspends time and imprisons materials in an eternal lucidity. Like memory banks, Bleu Nature offers us a fragment of their history."

What a beautiful concept.

[all images from Bleu Nature]

oh happy

Sometimes I feel like happiness is right under my nose ... and I just can't seem to reach all of it.

xox fifi

[via okej]

sunday list

A List for This Week:

1. Practice yoga everyday (and perhaps some kayoga this weekend - it may be my new favorite sport!)
2. Chocolate milkshake
3. Pick a new book to read ... or shop the bookcase
4. Buy some cherries and maybe an apple or two
5. Find a bouquet of fragrant pink flowers
6. Find some good smelling grass
7. Build a terrarium

[photos: girl in bubble, cherries]