Wednesday, February 3, 2010

time for a new start

i just had a lovely meal with the dearest of friends, and it's one of those moments when i feel honest (a little tipsy) and as if anything is possible.

i think it's time to wake up!
i am about a month late on new years resolutions, but i always felt like my "new year" starts at my birthday and, despite the fun of champagne and sparklers, january 1st was up there with the hallmark holidays (*cough*cough* valentine's day). this year i am starting over on february 7th which is my half birthday. instead of thinking about doing, i am going to start doing. instead of preparing and take half steps, i am going to take full steps. i am going to make the bucket list and start throwing the completed activities into the bucket.

this year i want to go to paris, get into grad school, spend more time with my friends, laugh more, make beautiful things, be a little less shy, cook scrumptious complicated dishes, and laugh more (did i mention laugh more?). i am starting this with and as fifi duvie because she does all of these things already.

right now, i am going to go back to watching country music videos (i know it's bad!) and prepare for my two new etsy shops: fifi duvie (home decor) and la petite fifi (jewelry). it's time to go all out.

kisses, fifi

[image via we heart it]

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