Thursday, November 11, 2010

shop updates + new pillows (whoa!)

it's no secret that i heart fifi du vie immensely. the only slight glitch in our wonderfully full-filling and creative relationship is photography. i can never get it quite perfect and am always torn between white and black. i like black background best, but white tends to pop more with etsy search thumbs and goes over better with the bloggers. sigh ... the never ending battles ... today, i've decided that white is the way to go and had a little fun along the way. an afternoon with statues of elephants and a camera can never go wrong! the only snaffoo is that the light in texas is quite a bit more blue than what i was used to in new york. hopefully photoshop can get me through this one!

along with new photographs, i would like to introduce for the first time ... fifi du vie pillow covers! available in the shop now. the majority of these are made from traditional turkish pestemal towels that i found in the grand bazaar while on a recent trip to istanbul. some are cotton and other linen, but they are all luxuriously soft and have the most beautiful, simple patterns of stripes. i just adore them! i couldn't wait to make pillows when i first saw them. i hope you enjoy!

xo fifi

[images via fifi du vie]

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