Sunday, July 25, 2010

sunday list

It was a lovely and quiet weekend. A little kayaking upstate on a beautiful, calm little lake following by some biking at Storm King and a quick trip to Stew Leonard's. It doesn't get much better than that. Luckily the rain is forcing me to work inside today and tie up some loose ends in my etsy shop, promotions, blog, etc before I leave for a little family vacation on Friday.

Sunday List for the Week:
1. Finish the terrarium and take photos of vintage tubes for fifi du vie.
2. Pack pack pack!
3. Finish etsy shop inspiration boards for fall launches.
4. Wake up the sewing machine and make that pillow.
5. Hunt down some organic fabrics.
6. Chocolate covered raspberries (heat up the chocolate in the microwave, dip in the raspberries, put them on a plate covered in wax paper and throw in the fridge = easy as pie, delicious as can be)
7. Tortilla soup making


Rikshaw Design
adorable stuffed elephants are on sale
Ernest Hemingway as a style icon. I could not agree more.
Build a cottage on the lake with kayak access.
Dogs on furniture always cracks me up.

[image via Little Garden by James Moes]

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