Friday, July 30, 2010

To Do.

To do (on vacation!!!)
1. Road trip photos
2. Cloud photos
3. Yogamazing podcasts!
4. Finish planning out fall fifi du vie line (themes are finish, just need finishing touches on jewelry and print assortment)
5. Spent a little quality time with the family
6. Inspiration boards
7. Fabric shopping at Fabric Depot (the largest fabric store in the nation!) - on the continuous hunt for some beautiful ikat print

xox fifi

[via Black Eiffel]


Gorgeous grey layered bedding
United States cheeseboards
Lyndsay and Fitzhugh's beautiful home on the Selby
Scrumptuous European bedrooms (love those pillow covers!)
"You Are Beautiful: Thank You" Stamp
Hand striped walls (the next bathroom I have will be subject to this treatment ... )
Cozy wonderful (per usual) Shabby Chic

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